A Traditional wedding in Paleros!


When you believe that your wedding will last as that …….eylogimeno church then you do it …

Let us to orginise this special day in a wonderful scene of the Ag.Dimitrios church.
Surprise your family and friends with a different wedding, a wedding on.
We can take you to the romantic little church of Ag.Dimitrios for a religious ceremony.
Besides this your wedding reception and/or wedding party can be organized in the luxury hotel “Thalassa” that has wonderful sea view and big garden with phoenix around .That gives the imagination of the exotic place. Take photos on the scene of the sea background and with its unique sunset of Ionian Sea. We can decorate the scene of the party with many aromatic flowers from our garden.
Let have yours party the smells of the Greek summer…
Let you know first about the history of the church that is so old and eylogimeno/blessed as your wedding is going to be.
At the foot of the Acarnanian Mountains of Tsirika, as it is often called, by the locals, settles St.Dimitrios Monastery.
Dating back to the 16th Century this place reeks of history and religions significance. They say that the little church in the folds of the Monastery was almost destroyed be fire. The charmed ceiling is testimony to this. Behind the little church one can see the huge boulder rock. There is only a cement plate between the rock and the church.Legend has it that the rock fell from the mountain top and it was only by a miracle that the church was saved from being demolished.

In the fact they say that Saint Dimitrios stopped the boulder from destroying the church. Hence the Monasteris name.

The people of Paleros also hold the Monastery in the high regent, as they consider it to be the protector of Paleros and its people.
Nature lovers can also find satisfaction by visiting the area, as the journey leading up to the Monastery hides numerous wonders. For instance-One can smell the fresh oregano and thyme that perfumes –aromatizes-the Paleros countryside.


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