Easter in Paleros

Easter in Paleros

Paleros it is a picturesque Island like village where rural traditions are very much alive. Easter, a springtime celebration is celebrated by the local communities with great festive spirit.

These are customs related to the religious holiday of Easter which is the biggest celebration of the Orthodox Christians and the one richest in folklore.

EASYJET FLIGHTS direct to Preveza on a regular basis during April have presented us with a great opportunity to enjoy this wonderful experience. Even people who enjoy nature will be amazed at the wonderful flowers and foliage at this time of year.

A programme to visit the easter celebrations will be arranged to ensure you don’t miss a thing (this is an optional extra).

The preparations for the celebration of the Resurrection start on Holy Thursday. On that day housewives traditionally prepare tsourekia (sweet buns resembling brioche) and colour eggs with special red dyes. Ever since antiquity the egg symbolises the renewal of life and the red colour symbolises the blood of Christ. They also used to keep one of the big round Holy Thursday loaves at the icon stand in order to protect the members of the family from spells.



Welcome drinking in a hotel 4* or 3*

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Friday is the most sacred day of the Holy Week, the day of the culmination of the passion of Christ with the deposition from the cross and Christ’s burial. Because it is a day of mourning, housewives do not do any house chores, avoiding even cooking. Women and children go to church to decorate the Epitaph (Bier of Christ) with flowers they collect or buy. In the morning of Good Friday, Christ’s Burial is reenacted in church and in the evening the Epitaph procession takes place. The dinner includes Lenten dishes.


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On Easter Saturday morning, preparations start for the festive dinner of the night of the Resurrection and housewives cook “maghiritsa” (a tripe and herbs soup). Shortly before midnight, people gather in church holding white candles which they light with the “Holy Light” distributed by the priest. When the latter chants “Christ is risen” (Christós Anesti), people exchange wishes and the so-called “Kiss of Love”. With the “Holy Light” of the candles they thrice make the sign of the cross on the door post over the front door of their houses for good luck. Then they allgather around the festively laid table, they crack red eggs and feast on the traditional “maghiritsa”.

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On Easter Sunday morning, in many parts of the country lamb is prepared on the spit. From as early as 6am. In other regions, the meat for the Easter table – lamb or kid – is roasted in the oven. There is a festive atmosphere everywhere and people eat, drink and dance usually until late into the night.

The programme includes:

  • 4 Days / 3 nights – Accommodation in a Hotel 4*
  • Breakfast and traditional dinner
  • Sunday Easter table Buffet and ceremony
  • Tsourekia & red eggs free for all
  • Candles free for Saturday night

185 € Per person in 4* Hotel
135 € Per person in 3* Hotel
30 € per person per extra stay with bed & breakfast

First child 4 – 12 years 50%
Second child 4- 12 years 70%
Third child free of charge

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