Varko beach

Is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area and offers a peaceful and relaxing place to spend a holiday.  This sandy and pebbly beach with deep water is located on the southern coast of the Paleros and is within fifteen minutes driving from the town of Paleros. The water here is clear and perfect for swimming. A couple of taverns are nearby to cater for any refreshment needs. This picturesque beach is the diamond of Paleros and locals are really proud of its natural beauty and majestic view. It is true that its spectacular scenery with its breathtakingly beautiful sunsets has been a rich source of inspiration for painters and photographers. This beach is well known for its silken, sand and crystal clear water. It is a peaceful area that gives to someone the opportunity to have a picnic or barbeque day with friends or family. Any visit to Paleros is not complete without seeing this beach.

Varko beach
Potamaki beach

Potamaki beach

Beach is excellent for families and safe for young children and swimmers of any level (as the water is shallow). It is a large sandy beach that  is situated within a walking distance 10 minutes from the Paleros harbour or bicycling along the harbour only 5 minutes. Potamaki beach has many tourist amenities organise with sun beds, umbrella rentals and seaside cafes. The clean warm waters and the water sports facilities constituted an attraction to the visitors.. On the beach is ‘’Paleros waterfront centre’’ that provides the guest with water sports such: jet-skiing, water-skiing, wind surfing, banana rides, canoe rentals. This is a very accessible beach from the village of Pogonia, even for those in wheelchairs or with mobility problems. Using that someone will have the chance to explore the Ionian Sea.

Paleros beaches

Is situated in the town of Paleros and is its central beach. This beach is a small, clean, half sandy and half pebbly beach with clear water.

This beach hugs tightly the main street of the town where there is a selection of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, gift shops, and gives visitors the impression, that Paleros is more like an island than a seaside resort.

Sports like volley and racquets ping pong make this beach full of life from all the visitors and locals.

Pogonia beach
Agios Dimitrios beach

Ag. Dimitrios beaches

Just 2 km from Paleros town between Paleros and Mytikas there are some small pebbly beaches with deep water .This beaches can be reached with 15 minutes cycling, with your boat or driving 5 minutes from Paleros town.

They are well protected behind a hill where is founded a Paleros famous stone church named Ag. Dimitrios.

It is well sheltered from the weather. Visit the beaches to enjoy swimming, relaxing and sunbath. They are recommended even more for couples because they are small, private beaches protected of the green hills around. It is off the tourist trail and it is possible to have this beach all to yourself if you are lucky – but even if you have to share it, it will not be overcrowded.

Ag. Giannis beach

Is located  in the Pogonia village 2 km away from Paleros town. It is perfect for couples and those seeking a tranquil holiday. It is a popular choice if you are looking for a quiet, un-crowded beach.

It is an excellent beach for swimming as has crystal deep water. Having no water sports makes it especially serene and peaceful. It is a small pebbly beach down the green hill of picturesque village. It is pebbly, but the pebbles are fairly smooth here so they should not hurt your feet. The beach has stunning views of Paleros town. On the beach is founded a small church named Agios Giannis. We recommend it especially for a romantic wedding.

Agios Giannis beach
Paleros beaches - Vathiavali

Vathiavali beach

Paleros beaches - Vathiavali

Vathiavali beach

Paleros Travel - Potamaki beach

Potamaki beach


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